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Great Books

The Living Light

By Anastasia Po

The contents of The Living Light reveal to the reader an exceptional spiritual and out-of-this world event that the author experienced in her real life and would like to share it with the world.

Anastasia Po has always been in deep search of the real proof and evidence of God�s existence in order to commit to and trust in God. As a result of her search in this journey, she found what she was looking for so desperately and deeply. At one critical point in her life, the spiritual Light in human form and shape descended from Heaven to earth and miraculously changed her spiritual life completely.

In the pages of The Living Light, the materialized evidence is described in full detail as it took place somewhere in the spiritual realm where God creates it, dwells in and is able to communicate with a human being�s soul and spiritually empowers by the will of his almighty power.

128 pages - $10.99 (paperback)

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